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Smoking & Pregnancy

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Smoking & Pregnancy

What You Need to Know

Smoking harms your baby. When you smoke, your baby gets less oxygen. Lack of oxygen can cause your baby to grow more slowly and gain less weight in the womb. Smoking during pregnancy has also been linked to preterm labor and other pregnancy complications.

What You Can Do

Quit or cut back as much as you can. We know it's hard, but remember, you're doing this for your baby. Here are some resources that can help:

Pregnant women who don't smoke should avoid other people's smoke. Studies suggest that regular exposure to secondhand smoke may harm the baby.

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Smoking: Tips to Quit

  • Write down your reasons for quitting. Look at the list when you are tempted to smoke.
  • Choose a quit day. On that day, throw away all your cigarettes, lighters, and ashtrays.
  • Stay away from places, activities, or people that make you feel like smoking.
  • Ask your partner or a friend to help you quit, and call that person when you feel like smoking.
  • Ask your health care provider about quitting aids such as patches, gum, nasal spray, and medications. Don't start using these without your health care provider's approval, especially if you are pregnant.
  • Don't get discouraged if you don't quit completely right away. Keep trying. If you can't quit, cut back as much as you can.
  • Ask your employer to see what services are offered or covered by insurance.
  • Learn about smoking cessation programs in your community. You can get more information from your health care provider, hospital, or health department. The organizations listed below can also help:

You may also call the toll-free number at 800-QUIT-NOW (800-784-8669).

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