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Toys For Tots Christmas Toy Drive this week until Friday Dec. 8th!

12/6/2023 11:11:00 AM

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who participated in the Reno County District Attorney’s Toys for Tots Drive this year.  We collected 16 boxes of toys from the various drop-off locations in the County.  Those boxes contained 572 toys.  We also collected 79 hats, 6 hat and glove sets, 27 pairs of gloves and 7 earmuffs to help the children of our community stay warm.  On top of all that, we received $251 in monetary contributions.  Your generosity will help many Reno County families this year.  I know that this year has been a struggle for many in our community because of the high prices we all are enduring, which makes your generosity toward your Reno County neighbors even more remarkable.  Again, thank you for all you do for this community, and for your generosity during the DA’s Toys for Tots Toy Drive.  Merry Christmas to all!The Reno County District Attorney's TOYS FOR TOTS Christmas toy drive is happening this week! Through this Friday, bring your new, unwrapped Christmas toys to the following locations and they will be given to children in Reno County this Christmas! If you come to the Reno County courthouse, you will receive a cookie with your toy donation! 

We are also collecting hats, mittens, gloves and scarves. Cash donations are also accepted!

THANK YOU for caring for our local children so that they can have a very Merry Christmas!

Locations to drop off toys, hats, mittens or gloves and scarves: 

Reno County courthouse, 206 W. 1st Ave: 

District Attorney's Office on the fifth floor and on the first floor near the east doors.

Reno County Annex building, 125 W. First Ave.

Reno County Sheriff's Office: downstairs at the courthouse and at the Correctional Facility, 1800 S. Severance.

Department of Aging and RCAT facility, 120 W. Avenue B.

Reno County Public Works, 600 Scott Blvd. in South Hutchinson

Reno County Youth Services, 219 W. 2nd Ave.

Reno County Health Department, 209 W. 2nd Ave.

Hutchinson Police Department, 210 W. 1st Ave.

Bin Shop'n, 118 W. 2nd Ave. (A new location this year!!!)

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