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National Public Health Week - Healthy Neighborhoods

4/3/2024 11:11:00 AM

We are celebrating National Public Health Week, April 1-7, 2024, with this year's theme of "Protecting, Connecting and Thriving: We Are All Public Health." 

We know that where we live - where we eat, sleep, work play, learn and pray - can have a huge effect on our health. But what makes a neighborhood healthy? Having safe places to live without hazards or pollution. Having safe ways for everyone to be active like sidewalks and safe places to bike. Having easy access to fresh, affordable nutritious and culturally appropriate food. When our neighborhoods are healthy, we have the building blocks for healthy lives. 

Who can make our neighborhoods healthier? YOU

Plant trees. Green spaces have been shown to reduce your risk of death. They also help to protect from rising heat, reduce pollution and offer nice space for people to connect with each other. If you don't have a yard to plant in, work with a local organization that plants trees in public spaces. 

Get to know your neighbors. Social cohesion means you're connected with the people who live near you. Feeling connected to each other is an investment in your community. It's also great for kids to have adults who care about then. 

Photo of Reno County employees participating in the United Way of Reno County Community Work Day.

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