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Highlighting the Reno County Drug Court and the importance of drug treatment courts

5/31/2024 11:25:00 AM

May is National Treatment Court Month - and we are highlighting the important role drug treatment courts play in helping people overcome the effects of substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders.

The Reno County Drug Court is a treatment intervention built around the influence and personal involvement of a single drug court judge, Judge Daniel Gilligan, working with a Drug Court team and the participant. The goal is stopping the cycle of drug abuse and criminal behavior. Drug Court reduces the cycle of recidivism, keeps participants accountable and keeps the public safer and saves justice system resources.  Drug Court has proven to redirect non-violent, substance abusing offenders from prison and jail into treatment.

Reno County Drug Court statistics on recidivism (repeated convictions and incarceration) in 2022 show that 81% of graduates have stayed out of the criminal justice system for at least 5 years.  Cost per participant for Reno County Drug Court is approximately $5,900; the cost to house an inmate in Kansas for one year is $30,100.  The cost savings to the state is approximately $460,000 per year. 

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